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It’s been a very productive last few days, with the snow storm forcing us to be inside the house (there was a driving ban, no public transportation available and no place remained open) and it seems that we are having another school closing day tomorrow, as the sidewalks are still covered in snow. For those […]

Sixteen hundred to be exact. 1600 tiny squares to complete a strikingly simple yet adorable quilt top. I am not the first one to take on this challenge; in fact this idea was a popular quilt-along created by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson! way back in 2010. She posted instructions block by block on how […]

When I first heard about quilts I remember I wasn’t very impressed. I had this mental image of old fabrics randomly mixed together into patterns of stars or impossibly intricate geometrical designs. Of course, the colors were subdued, lots of maroons, dark blues and yellowish tones reminiscent of old wallpaper stained by tobacco smoke. As […]

I recently told you about a Christmas coffee mat (or mug rug) that I made in December and since then I have completed many others with various degrees of success. I have been waiting to post photos of these mats because some were presents that hadn’t been delivered yet. Today I bring you some examples. […]

A brand new year and I start off with a whole new bunch of threads. I must have been really good last year because Santa Claus brought me a stand with 100 color threads for all my sewing projects. I have to admit that when I told some people about it I felt as if […]

  Having read recently The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka, I decided to do a little bit of transformation around the house too. The first step was to finally get my husband to hang the color wheel which has been sitting around too long feeling sorry for itself. He did have a great idea, which I […]